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About Us


Robe-Ana Construction has proudly served the city of El Paso since 2011. Our project management staff brings over 45 years of combined experience. Our extensive knowledge in all areas of construction allow us to better manage cost control, quality, resource allocations and scheduling. We are El Paso’s leading company in high-end remodeling, luxury renovations and general construction services. The ultimate client experience and satisfaction is the driving force behind Robe-Ana Construction’s success and notability. With our vast network of experts and a complete understanding of the local market, Robe-Ana Construction created a platform to launch two other business ventures.

The Man Behind The Company

Hector R. Bernal, Jr. – President

Hector R. Bernal is an up-and-coming powerhouse in the construction world. Equipped with numerous years of construction and management experience, Hector Bernal is the president of Robe-Ana Construction, a high-end residential and commercial construction company, Kayton Lee Homes, a luxury custom home builder and HEX Roofing and Restoration. Hector got into the construction business with the distinct mission of enhancing the consumer’s experience and redefining the renovation industry. Hector prides himself in serving as a catalyst in transforming the local market by delivering value through above-standard business principles and combining it with unmatched designs and building practices. With his wife, Irma Bernal and two children, Kaylee and Theodore, by his side, Hector is an unstoppable force that is changing the way people live in El Paso. The success of his companies can be attributed to his highly skilled management approach. Hector has systematically hand-selected a very talented team of individuals based on merit, good character and impeccable work ethic. With a staff trained immaculately by Bernal, they can effortlessly transition into different roles within the companies to provide clients the best overall experience. With a regular active production load of 20-30 projects, Hector and his companies are ready to take on your project while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, customer service and quality.

“What we do is not a trade, it’s not a job. For us, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, it’s an art; and we take great pride in that.”

– Hector R. Bernal, Jr.


Raul E. Gonzalez

Raul E. Gonzalez

Director of Operations

Our Corporate Group

Kayton Lee Homes strives to provide experienced and knowledgeable home buyers with a unique quality and design home that offers the most functionality in space and inclusive amenities.

HEX Roofing, Inc. places great emphasis on producing the highest quality of work at a fair price. We are committed to providing a personal, focused, professional service to you, our client.

Area of Expertise

Our team is experienced, as well as purposeful and passionate about making every construction project we tackle a memorable success. Here at Robe-Ana Construction we offer a wide range of services that most contractors simply can’t offer, including planning and design work. Our company is well versed in the following categories of service.

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